2021 Winners ISMTA Instrument and Voice Video Competition

ISMTA is pleased to announce the results of the 2021 ISMTA Instrument and Voice Video Competition.  Enjoy the following video performances by the winners at the bottom of this page. Click each title to view the videos.


1st place: Luke Suarez, student of Dr. Randall Faust

2nd place: Anna Micor, student of Garett George

3rd place:  Elena Miller, student of Dr. Randall Faust


1st place: Elsah Luan, student of Jane Hoffmire

2nd place: Maya Benyas, student of Eric Lenz

3rd place: Maria Angelica Gonzalez-Iraheta, student of Istvan Szabo


1st place: Lauren Cerbin, student of Dr. Marc Schapman

2nd place: Joy Yelenosky, student of Mark Crayton

3rd place:  Akshara Gunda, student of Dr. Sonja Mihelcic

Honorable Mention: Joanne Tayaban, student of Seth Durbin