Interested in knowing to become a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music? Learn more about the certification profile projects for teachers with independent music studios or the administrative verification process for college or university faculty. Check out the MTNA Certification webpage at http://www.mtnacertification.org/

Certification Testimony

“… I really enjoyed looking at the four main areas of certification and seeing how what I had been doing over the previous ten or so years married up with current thoughts on teaching piano.  This has given me confidence to promote my studio with the knowledge that I am offering a top-quality service in line with industry expectations…” Gill Cerbin, NCTM 

State contact

The NCTM certification process is the same for all teachers nationwide. Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns:

Gill Cerbin, NCTM
ISMTA Certification Chair

Email: gillcerbin@yahoo.com

Certification Benefits

  • Build confidence in one’s own skills and competences
  • Confirmation that what we are doing as independent teachers is in line with current trends and industry practices
  • To have the support of like-minded colleagues across the country
  • To know there are resources out there to help the independent teacher

Certification Personal Incentives

  • The certification process will help the independent teacher organize their studio and set out clear objectives for their studio
  • Gain the professional endorsement to be competitive when setting or raising tuition in line with the industry practices and implementing annual inflation increases
  • The “NCTM” after your name shows students and their families that you are a professional and committed to do your very best!