ISMTA e-Competition (non-piano)

ISMTA is very excited to announce the addition of the ISMTA Instrument and Voice e-Competition! These categories are only offered as a single state-wide competition, and not separately at NORTH and SOUTH.  Students will submit pre-recorded videos of their performances for evaluations with a cash award for all first-place winners.


  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, string bass)
  • Band Instruments (brass, woodwind, percussion)
  • Voice


  • Junior: Grades 7-9
  • Senior: Grades 10-12


  • Junior: $45
  • Senior: $55


  • Junior: $75
  • Senior: $100


  • Repertoire: two contrasting pieces – one classical work or other standard literature, and one selection from any style.
  • Maximum Judging Time: 8 minutes
  • Teacher Requirement: Teachers do not have to be a member of ISMTA to enter students.  A $75 non-member fee will be assessed for teachers that are not members. 


  • March 1-15, 2023:  Registration Period
  • March 16-30, 2023:  Video Submission Period
  • Competition results announced late April

Students will need to register and pay fees during the Registration Period before proceeding to the Video Submission Period.

ISMTA Competition Rules and Requirements

  • ISMTA Competitions are open to any student studying with a member of ISMTA, or who resides and teaches in Illinois.  Teachers’ dues must be paid by the application deadline, otherwise, a $75 nonmember fee will be assessed or entrant(s) will be withdrawn from the competition.
  • Teachers do not have to belong to a local association to enter students.
  • Instruction must take place in Illinois, in a private studio, music school, private or state secondary schools.
  • Students who win first place are not eligible to compete in the same age division in subsequent years.
  • Students may submit videos that exceed the 8 minute judging time limit.  For performances that exceed the time limit, judges will listen to portions of both pieces, not to exceed 8 minutes.
  • Judges will select first place, second place and third place winners as warranted. There will be no ties for first place, but ties may be awarded for second and third place.  Honorable Mentions may be awarded at judges’ discretion.
  • All decisions of competition judges are final.
  • Winners Recital will be a virtual recital, posted on the ISMTA website.
  • All Entrants will be asked to sign a waiver at time of application to share Winners videos on the Virtual Winners Video Page.  Entrants may choose to decline to sign the waiver, which will have no bearing on Judges’ decision.


ISMTA Competitions

  • Director – Jennifer Cohen
  • ISMTA South Coordinator – Pei-I Wang
  • ISMTA North Coordinator – Anne Marie Kuhny
  • ISMTA Instrument and Voice e-Competition – Brenda Haynes