2021 Video Submission Guidelines and Instructions for ISMTA String, Band Instrument and Voice Video Competitions

2021 Video Submission Guidelines and Instructions for

ISMTA String, Band Instrument and Voice Video Competitions


The ISMTA Video Submission Form will be available on the ISMTA website between March 1-15, 2021 


All videos will be submitted as a single link to an UNLISTED YouTube Playlist

Please make sure that all videos included in the playlist are also unlisted.

Students may submit form any time during the video submission period, March 1-15, 2021.


Video Submission Deadline is Monday, March 15, 2021, 3:00 PM Central


For help on how to create your own YouTube channel, upload your videos to your YouTube channel, create an unlisted YouTube Playlist and add your YouTube videos to the playlist, there are many video tutorials available on YouTube.


  • Each piece will be recorded as a separate video and uploaded to student’s own YouTube channel as an unlisted video.  In the Title of each video, include the composer and title of the piece as entered in the registration.


  • Individual movements of a sonata or larger works should be recorded as separate videos. 


  • Create an unlisted YouTube Playlist and title it with your Entrant ID.  For example: String 1 or Band Instrument 3 or Voice 5, etc. Student or teacher’s name should not appear in any part of the video title or playlist title.


  • Add all of your individual uploaded YouTube videos to the playlist.  This unlisted YouTube Playlist is the only link you will submit in the Video Submission Form.



  • Video recording should be made with one fixed camera angle/location, so that the performer and entire instrument is visible throughout the video.  Landscape orientation is preferred, as if on stage with judges viewing from the audience.


  • The Youtube Playlist should contain unlisted videos of all repertoire listed on the original application.  Entrants should NOT introduce themselves or announce the piece being recorded.


  • Videos should not be edited within the performance of a piece or movement.  Edited videos may be cause for disqualification.


  • Students and teachers should review videos before submitting to check sound quality and that all links work.




  • All videos must be submitted by the deadline.  No late submissions will be accepted, including but not limited to technological or internet connection difficulties.  Failure to submit form on time will result in removal from competition.  No refund of entry fee.