ISMTA Competitions Announcement

Exciting news! ISMTA Competitions are going to be restructured in IL!  We hope this new format will encourage more of you to participate and help our students enjoy competing on the state level in Illinois.

These are the changes that were voted in at our Board meeting on April 23rd.

  • The ISMTA competition will move from a 2-tier competition to a single-tier competition held at 2 different locations (North and South) with separate winners at each location. 
  • We will no longer have district auditions.
  • Each location will be run independently with separate chairs, held within 3 weeks of the annual ISMTA conference. Winners will be asked to perform at the conference.
  • The Collegiate category will be renamed Young Artist with the age range for 19-26 years.
  • There will be 4 levels of competition: Elementary, Junior, Senior and Young Artist
  • Students can now enter both ISMTA competitions and MTNA competitions in the same year and level.  MTNA competitions will still take place during the ISMTA conference in November.

I'm sure you will have many questions about these changes.  Please hold off on these for now as our Competition Chair - Jennifer Cohen, will be adding details about the competitions unde the competitions section of the website and through more letters from the state. 

Thanks to Jennifer and the board for all of the work on these changes!