Proposed Bylaw Changes, October 2018

Proposed Bylaws Changes, October 2018

With the adoption of the new bylaws at the 2017 ISMTA conference, we promised to correct two issues in the bylaws at the general meeting at the 2018 ISMTA conference. These revisions must pass before we elect the new president-elect and secretary.  Language is taken from drafts of the bylaws from last year, and from the MTNA bylaws.  Proposed changes will be voted on at the General Membership Meeting during the ISMTA Annual Conference, Friday October 26 at 10am.  

Here are the revisions:

1. Revise terms for President and President-elect to 2 years, to match other elected officers.  In the bylaws, the president-elect assumes duties in absence of president, however ISMTA had a president-elect only a third of the time (the last year of a president’s three year term).  This revision corrects this issue.   Now the elected officer will be president-elect two years, president two years, and past president two years. 

2. Add secretary to Board of Directors.  Secretary was assigned for one year to Vice-President of Local Associations to keep odd-number on the Board of Directors.  With the addition of a president-elect at all times, we need to maintain an odd-number on the board in order to break ties in Board of Directors voting. 

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