ISMTA Wellness for Music Teachers and Students

A Wellness special feature: Infection Control in the Music Studio, Part 1: Hand Hygiene

Wellness Blog: Studio cleaning part 2: The piano keyboard


The purpose of wellness postings to this website is to promote the health of music teachers and their students in music-making activities in varied settings.  The postings should help them to understand and apply to their lives the basic health principles and practices that will allow them to make music at their highest possible level.

We aim to broaden the scope of musician wellness issues beyond the traditional focus on physical injury and prevention, hearing loss, and performance anxiety.  The subject includes general lifestyle issues that either positively or negatively impact a musician’s wellness level, so they will also be examined, since a musician’s general health will greatly affect how effectively one can teach, make, or listen to and enjoy music.

Check this space for future postings of short wellness articles, research, seminars, web links and tips that, when applied appropriately, can serve to elevate the artistry of musicians, teachers, and students by improving their music-related health practices, habits, and overall wellness.

Posted by ISMTA Wellness Chairperson:  Dora Diephouse, NCTM, BA, BSN, MPH.